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About Us

HYPE Media is a unique destination in today's modern world for the interior designing that understood the customer's needs and provides wide range of services accordingly.

In fact, we create CG through advance technology for curtains, sofa sets, bed covers, wallpapers, flooring etc.

We are not only unique but also most demanded destination across India for the textile Industry and provide dozens of designs that can be conceptualized only in the dreams. So we make your dream come true here.

hype media digital draping comapny in delhi for home furnishings products

Interestingly, advancement of technology does not ignore this fact rather invented new technology to improve the designs and its presentation; digital draping is one of them and today, it is the most important properties of fabric. Digital draping is one of the most fascinating techniques to provide graceful and aesthetic effects in home furnishings industry.

Indeed, fabric drape is a special property of flexible textile materials; it facilitates to portray the degree of the deformation of fabric to orient itself into folds in more than one plane specially when the fabric partly supported by other objects.   Different fabrics display various look of fabrics drape and likewise, the garment silhouette made of each different fabric would behave differently on same style.

We at hype media provide quality digital draping services to increase your textiles business exponentially. Along with fabrics drape, drape on upholstery and fabric drape on sofa are also popular that HYPE Media providing many of its clients. In addition, our experts also assist in developing digital textile photography and textile photos for better and widespread presentation and promotion of your textiles business.

However, we at hype media, one of the best The Smart Imagery Solution company offer following services:

  • Digital Draping on Sofa

  • Digital Draping on Upholstery

  • Digital Draping on Curtains

  • Digital Draping on Chairs

  • Digital Draping on Cushions

  • Digital Draping on Rug

  • Digital Draping on Bed Covers

  • Digital Draping on Bed Sheets

  • Digital Draping on Table Matts

  • Digital Draping on Table Covers

  • Digital Draping on Wallpaper

  • Digital Draping on Flooring

carpet digital draping product shoot service of carpet for ecommerce platforms
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